A work in progress, by J. Aurel Guay

Genre: Paranormal

Themes: Self acceptance, Sacrifice, Unconditional Love, Mind vs Heart



A novel length expansion of the short story ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells‘ found inShades and Shadows: a Paranormal Anthology, this upcoming story will be the full telling of Marcus, Emily, and the werekind of Great Britain. Slated for publication by Xchyler Publishing, ‘Jagerund’ will begin prior to the events in ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’ and carry you through the changes and difficulties faced by Marcus and Emily as they encounter and are infected by a spreading epidemic of contagious transformations.

Be watching for new strains of ‘werekind’ along with much greater development of some of your favorite characters, including the giant Baurcat, Gordon, and his partner Chin, the agile Southern Harpy.


It was late when Emily tiptoed into the room. Unlike most of the other rooms in the abandoned monastery, this one was well-lit. Several oil lamps surrounded the table on which the corpse laid and pushed back the darkness that seeped from the stone walls.

Marcus’ back was to her, his shaggy light coloured hair hung over his eyes as he bowed his head toward the table. So engrossed in his work was he that didn’t notice her enter. His forceps moved methodically, gently separating the human flesh from the parasite that had infiltrated the now deceased body.

She cleared her throat gently. Read more->

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