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Intelligentsia – Peom

In response to this weeks Writing Prompt Challange:




by J. Aurel Guay

Aged and bent through the lens he peers

It moves, it twitches, it disappears,

Desperate it pushes new from old

Through the struggle delicate wings unfold,

‘Eureka I’ve found it!’ he declares his success,

But, his words only echo in the empty recess,

How long has he slaved in this empty tomb?

Which nurtured his theories much like a womb,

What has transpired beyond the wall?

How can his revel on deaf ears fall?

The door he finds locked, there’s no way out,

Desperate he pushes ‘till the door gives out.

A light pierces through, the sun blinds his eyes,

And casts it’s truth on the mausoleums’ lies ,

He sees a new world with mysteries untold,

And deep within him hope delicately unfolds.


A Veteran’s Day Poem

Bear with me, I’m not a great poet:
Be grateful,

I do not know of that struggle, that fear and dread,
Never bombs at my feet, or bullets past my head.

Can I honor what I know not?
Little life, so quiet and fair,

Never felt damp dirty foxhole,
Nor hot sun and sand in my sole.

How can I thank you?
Say what I don’t know?

It is to you I owe my ignorance, that find this lack of words,
You bore the struggle for me, as on a cross once did my Lord,

Thank you, for standing for me,
These feeble words prove your work,

Let this pause to ponder all the pains I have been spared,
Honor the service the courage and danger that you dared.