The Empty Book – Flash Fiction

(Image source)

The authors at Xchyler Publishing were challenged to come up with a flash fiction based on this picture. Here’s what I whipped up:

‘Estelle picked her way through the piles of debris. She had walked this room a thousand times, but never through destruction such as this. What happened here? There was no storm, no earthquake, yet the furniture lay strewn and destroyed all around her. The once ornate walls bled crumbled plaster.

Her heart skipped as she realized that the destruction was not total, but centered around the table she worked at last night. The table where she left the book—the book that could not be opened. As she approached she saw the tome laying quiet and still among the debris. In the pale morning light an eerie silence coated the room. What secrets were bound so securely, that the book could not be opened even by her strongest spells?
With its covers now splayed wide, the pages of the mysterious book fluttered gently in the breeze that slipped through the shattered windows. Estelle’s pulse quickened as she lifted the book.

The pages were blank. She trembled as the realization struck. The ancient secrets had been stolen, or worse yet escaped . . .’

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