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Return to Glory

Here's a little something I did a while back on a prompt from a friend

Return to Glory

by J. Aurel Guay

7597d920I wake from glory. The stale air greets me with an indifference that makes me wonder why I would ever leave the soft warmth of my sheets. The alarm rings again, and I remember why I must leave my refuge. The Dreamscape is gone, now it is time to pay the dues.

I manage to struggle through my routine. A bland breakfast of toast and black coffee are my only comfort. My allotment of water is barely enough to wash the sleep from my eyes, but it will have to be enough. 1 hour down, seventeen to go until I can see her again.

Down on the street I join the silent throng making their way on the same journey. Every face looks the same. Every eye so empty that I cannot bear it, I wonder what would happen if everyone took their plugs out, what would happen to the world.

I place my own plug to my temple.

The soothing effect is immediate, and a sigh escapes my lips as those thoughts fade into an oblivious calm brought by suggestive brainwaves and accompanying music. Amidst the soothing melody that primes my mind for the work ahead, the instructions for the day flow passively from my ear into my brain.

I board the monorail that will take me within a short walk of my post. They have a lot for me to do today, not that I will notice. Time matters little when they feed you a constant stream of consciousness control. I don’t care though, it is all worth it for the red haired beauty that awaits me back in the Dreamscape.

My stop approaches. Sixteen hours until I can be in her sweet virtual embrace. I reach for my briefcase beside me on the floor. The rail lurches suddenly. I feel the hard knock of someone’s head against mine and my plug falls out.

The noise suddenly stops. Disoriented I look around, fellow passengers stand ready to exit, oblivious to me and to one another. Anxiety starts to set in. Without being plugged in I’m not sure what to do. I am missing my instructions, a gaping void is left open where the artificial peace once reigned.

There! My missing plug lies only a foot away on the floor. Reaching for it desperately I collide with a stranger likewise trying to get the device, this time we are both knocked to the floor. Looking up my own dark eyes meet impossibly blue ones, framed in auburn hair. For a moment I forget all about the plug, about the dreamscape, everything. She tucks her stray lock behind her ear and smiles at me. She takes the plug from the monorail floor and hands it too me, then reaches for the second plug I had not seen.

It seems that I should say something; ‘Sorry for bumping you’, ‘I hope your plug is OK.’ Anything. It has been so long since I’ve talked to another living person the words will not come. She smiles again and a burst of energy flows through my chest. Such a feeling as I have only felt in the Dreamscape.

She hesitates a moment, then fits her plug back into her temple. Her eyes still vivid as ever, change subtly to  look through me in a faraway stare. I watch silently as she stands, straightens her grey pencil skirt and exits the monorail without another glance my way.

The chime sounds, I have only seconds before the door closes and I will have missed my stop. My plug is in and I’m exiting the monorail before I know what I am doing. The soothing peacefulness returns and I back to my routine. I am late, if I don’t move quickly they will cut my time in the Dreamscape, my time with Her.
My pace quickens as I move down the packed street. I pass a woman in a grey pencil skit. Her auburn hair and blue eyes seem somehow familiar, but I can’t place it through the thick melody and steady stream of sedating brainwaves. It doesn’t matter. I’ll be at my post soon, then just fifteen and a half more hours until I can return to glory.

Her Father’s Herd ~1,200 words

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 Join a young shepherdess as she guides and protects her herd to ensure her family’s future in the depths of space! This story was written for a writing challenge.  I challenged myself to write a 1,000 word short story based off of 5 images.  The result was one of my all time favorites.


Her Father’s Herd – Science Fiction Short Story

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This story was written for a writing challenge.  Based off of five images I challenged myself to write a 1,000 word short story, the result was a little long but came out great.  Join a young shepherdess as she guides and protects her herd to ensure her family’s future in the depths of space!

The Lost Arey Journals

This is an incomplete science fiction project I started early in my creative writing career.  I’ll be revising the grammar and style slowly over the next few days, so bear with.  The idea was to keep a journal from the perspective of an individual lost in foreign land, chronicling his discoveries as he comes closer to the truth of where he is, how he arrived there, and what he must do to survive.

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Overtone – Excerpt

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I’m usually quite liberal about sharing my writing, plots, and stories on the internets.  I’ve learned that plots and ideas are a dime a dozen, but that it is writing style and skill that are unique and can sell a story.  That said, I have three projects that I’m keeping close to the vest, here is an excerpt from one of those three that has already been shared elsewhere online in the past.

OVERTONE – Excerpt

EVA – short science fiction

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EVA is an excerpt from an old short story based on one of my favorite characters.  She has a long and sordid history that I have yet to fully write out but this skips ahead to the end.  You will note the story is heavily inspired by one of my favorite under appreciated movies ‘Mimic”.  It still needs some refining, but here it is.

Amaleia’s Choice (WIP)


Amaleia’s Choice is the most recent science fiction project I’ve started, and the one I am most in love with. It is the story of a young aristocrat who lived her life in the center of an interstallar plot but had no knowledge of it until the day she was to be wed. Now she must quickly uncover the truth of her own history and decide where her future lies.