About the Author

J. Aurel Guay is an aspiring writer from New England. He writes both fantasy and science fiction with emphasis on strong plots and meaningful themes. His first published work is the short story ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’, published in ‘Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology‘ by Xchyler Publishing. That story was the catalyst for his current work in progress ‘Jagerund’, which will be a novel expanding on the previous short story. His second work, published in February of 2015, is another short story and can be found in the steampunk anthology ‘Mechanized Masterpieces 2

Having played at writing fiction since grade school J. Aurel Guay, revived his passion as a coping skill in reaction to his career in biomedical science. Taking inspiration from both old and new literature, movies, and television, he critiques everything he encounters.  Always looking for collaboration and a writing challenge, J. Aurel now works on the editorial team at Xchyler Publishing as an assitant editor.

You can follow J. Aurel Guayon Twitter as @losthawken, or Facebook


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  2. shadowsofscripts

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for blogs which share my blog’s scope of writing. I love your writing style and means of expression. Could you please check out my blog and go through my writings there and perhaps follow back if you like what you read? Keep up the good work 🙂

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