Hiatus No More

71c036d8319bc68b958256a67946ae1dSo… This place has gotten dusty…

It’s been a rough year or two folks. I’m not going to make excuses or promise to be more active as an online author and marketer of indie books. But this space and what I do here are good for me, and I need some good right now.

So here we go.

I’ve already added a new section for Works in Progress (WIPs). There I’ll put up new inspirations for both the back-burner and front runner projects as they come to me. I’d like to get a few more reviews up also, and maybe even another fun interview.

While I’ve been absent I haven’t been totally idle though. I’ve helped my Dad market his memoir that came out this spring. You can find out more about ‘A Good Man with a Dog’ and the authors behind it at his website.

Here’s hoping for good health, productivity and many words for all in 2017!


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