Special Feature: J. Aurel Guay’s Postmortem

The epilogue to my published short story ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’ was shared on Dancing with Fireflies this weekend! Go have a read and find out what is in store for Marcus and Emily after their adventures in the short story.

Dancing With Fireflies | Live Beyond Your Diagnosis

Our friend, J. Aurel Guay, has a new special feature for DWF readers. His amazing anthology that came out last year: Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology  has been a success and now he is working on a new novel.  You can find more of this piece on Xchler Publishing’s website.  We have enjoyed his incredible talents here on DWF through the years and we are thrilled to give you another sample of his fantastic writing.

Please enjoy Postmortem.

~ C. ~

It was late when Emily tiptoed into the room. Unlike most of the other rooms in the abandoned monastery, this one was well-lit. Several oil lamps surrounded the table on which the corpse laid and pushed back the darkness that seeped from the stone walls.

Marcus’ back was to her, his shaggy light coloured hair hung over his eyes as he bowed his head toward the table. So engrossed in his…

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