Which Novel shall I write?

My goal for 2014 is to get published in another anthology, and to get a novel written for submission in 2015. But I need your help, on the latter part. I’ve got a lot of ideas, and some already started stories. But I’m not sure which one to pursue! I won’t be able to start any serious novel writing for a month or two, but I need get the pot stewing on the plot and character development  now so that I am ready when I have time.

Take a look at the ideas below and help me by throwing down your votes!

OvertoneTwo scientists are given the ability to see beyond the natural world and into the substructures that control it. What they find sets them on different, and opposing, paths that will change the fate of the world.

Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy set in the future, strong spiritual themes.

Heart of StarAndy thought she had lost Ben  on that planetoid. But something wasn’t right with him when she found him alive many cycles later. Will Andy be able to help him recover his memory, and stop the relentless alien Specters that have chased them ever since his return?

Somewhere between Hard Science Fiction and Space Opera, themes of identity, growth and choices.

Worlds ApartPalendel is a world of magic and great powers. It is also a world out of balance. Now, five unlikely friends are on a journey to find and restore their soul-bound animals that hold the secret of magic in Palendel.

Fantasy with analogies of spiritual/personal growth and overcoming.

The Death of Marcus WellsSomething strange is occurring in the hill country of Great Britain. Rumors of monsters and beasts, once thought to be mere wives-tales, are spreading across the land. Can Marcus Wells, stop the spread of dangerous creatures and reverse his own horrible transformation?

Victorian era Fantasy/Science Fiction, themes of self acceptance, sacrifice, and commitment.

Amaleia’s ChoiceWhen Amaleia’s father went missing off world  she inherited the family estate, and a life changing secret. Will Amaleia be able to continue her father’s work and save the Archyliods from extinction at the hands of their enemies?

Space Opera with themes of responsibility, choice, and defining oneself.

Eternity Undone – Souboror, wants to become a mighty mage more than anything. When confronted with his myterious past and even more mysterious future, will he listen to the stranger that pushes him onward and continue his quest to harness the power of the time portals, or heed the warnings of his closest friends?

Fantasy, with themes of friendship, priority, the consequences of choices.


  1. rmridley

    ‘Overtone’ sounds really interesting – I would definitely advise pursuing that. But, as you know, I think there is a full novel in ‘Death’ that should be allowed out. (work on one Mon,Wed, Fri and the other Tues, Thurs, Sat?) 😉

  2. J. S. Collyer

    This was bloody tough, Justin! You don’t make it easy. I think all of these deserve to see print some day but I think if I had to choose, Heart of Star would be my choice 😀

  3. jaurelguay

    Well, it looks like continuing Marcus Wells’ story wins. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that my friend Penny cheated. Not that she had to with trump card she played over email.Thanks to her my choice has been made for me, and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    • D. James Fortescue

      Bummer. All the choices sounded like a winning scenario, so it will be awesome to hear more of the good Doctor and his new lease on life =)

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