Fellow Aspiring Writers for 3 January 2014

Thanks D. James!

D. James Fortescue

This weekly post was brilliant in the past year.

It introduced me to many a great writer, all of whom are further down the authorship road.  Their camaraderie and words of wisdom have been immensely appreciated over the past year.  Having someone to discuss your writing-related issues with is an unbelievably useful thing, ensuring your imagination does not become a swirling vortex of piecemeal literary terror.

Some were professionally published in the last year!  A hearty congratulations to:

Christine Haggerty for her first book in The Plague Legacy, ‘Acquisitions’;

Jex Collyer for her story ‘Ash’ in the ‘Tuned to a Dead Channel’ anthology; and

J. Aurel Guay for ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’ in the ‘Shades and Shadows’ anthology.

The new year will ensure that I catch up on many authors I began to follow, but naughtily did not follow up on.  As well, I will seek out some more…

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