Final Draft – Graduate Thesis Complete

7 Chapters,

162 pages

31,000 words,

8 Tables,

38 Figures,

177 citations

That is how the last 8 years of my life were summarized when I handed in my Thesis yesterday. The thesis was titled ‘The Intersection of Renal Peritubular Cells, Mitogen Activated Kinases, and Chronic Kidney Disease’ and I don’t recommend reading it to anyone unless you are passionate about kidney disease and molecular biology. But it is done, and thank goodness. Writing that thesis was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. Ever. It was a complex blend of writing with both creative and analytical hemispheres, while reliving the emotional turbulence of my less than straight forward graduate career.

It has been a wild ride and it is almost over. Assuming my committee approves the thesis I will have to do an oral defense, and there is still the matter of  my first author research publication to deal with.

The best thing about being done writing my thesis though, is that now I can write fiction once again! Be prepared, I have a lot of material backlogged in my cerebellum just dying to come out!

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  1. underwaterfish

    Congrats!!! That is truly an accomplished feat, I was just wondering how you ended up choosing your topic? I will be starting to write my thesis soon and I’m having trouble finding a topic, do you have any advice?

    • jaurelguay

      Thanks UWF, it is tough to pick a topic, and honestly it comes down to money and feasibility rather than fun and interest. Pick something for which your PI has funding. Pick something tractable (e.g. a solid phenotype or something), but try to stay away from projects that depend too much on another student or post-doc’s previous work. I have a few other thoughts on Grad school on my other Blog. You can find them here:

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