Here’s a summary of the 15 great reminders from Zachary Petit of Writers Digest, click the banner to get the full article and explanations of each point.

1. Don’t assume there is any single path or playbook writers need to follow.

2. Don’t try to write like your idols.

3. Don’t get too swept up in debates about outlining/not outlining, whether or not you should write what you know, whether or not you should edit as you go along or at the end

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to pitching something

5. Don’t be unnecessarily dishonest, rude, hostile—

6. Don’t ever hate someone for the feedback they give you.

7. … But, don’t be susceptible to the barbs of online trolls—

8. Don’t ever lower you guard when it comes to the basics

9. Don’t ever write something in an attempt to satisfy a market trend and make a quick buck.

10. Don’t be spiteful about another writer’s success.

11. Don’t ever assume it’s easy.

12. Don’t forget to get out once in a while.

13. Don’t ever discount the sheer teaching power (and therapeutic goodness) of a great read.

14. Don’t be afraid to give up … on a particular piece.

15. But, don’t ever really give up.




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