TPG reviews: Shades and Shadows, a paranormal anthology

Another kind review from a friend 🙂

The parasite guy

So…in contrast to how this blog has been going lately, my offline writing life has been going remarkably well as of late. I’ve managed to write on most mornings, having flitted between a couple of projects to keep myself from getting stuck on any one of them. Things are going so well, in fact, that I’m now considering a return to my main WIP. I spent several hours this weekend going over and revising my notes on the project, and hope to get started on writing it again by Tuesday.

I’ve also been reading a fair bit. I finished Embers at Galdrilene not so long ago and am currently in the middle of Catskinner’s Book, written by a certain Misha Burnett. Embers will be getting reviewed shortly but, first, I’ve got something a little different to talk about:

In the dead of night, you sense something . . …

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