What’s that you say? – Thank you to my fans!

Here’s what the pre-Readers have had to say about ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’


  • The biggest highlight for me, however, was the final story. “The Death of Dr Markus Wells” is a truly spectacular piece of fiction that will thrill and horrify you in equal measure, and it was a fine note to end the collection on.
  • “The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells” by J. Aurel Guay – this is the one story in the collection that I wish had been expanded into a novella or even a full-length novel. Guay builds a world with a creepy Victorian vibe – think Drood-era Dickens – and then populates it with creepy viral monsters. The story is great fun, but there are enough unanswered questions that this reader, at least, hopes Guay will revisit this world and its stories in the future.


  • “The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells” read like it could have been the pilot for a cool, uncanny drama on TV.
  • I especially enjoyed E. Brandon Hart’s hysterical, irreverent short “Ghost Townies,” and the Gothic, sumptuously plotted “The Death of Marcus Wells” by J. Aurel Guay. A hearty “recommend” from this reader.”
  • From the beginnings and a bogey man to a closing full of were-folk, this collection has it all. A great read for a great price! “China Doll” and “The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells” are my favorites.
  • I bought this book because a colleague of mine wrote one of the short stories (The death of Dr. Marcus Wells). Needless to say that I read this one first. I really enjoyed all the detail he put in there. He managed to set the scene well without using to many words. Thank God the ending does not leave me with any nightmares! 🙂 I am looking forward to reading the other short stories from this collection as well.
  • I liked each story and having “The Death of Marcus Wells” at the end was the “piece de resistance”! Of course, I am a bit biased, as the author J. Aurel Guay, is my son!   (Thanks Mom 🙂 )


  • I especially liked your London vernacular
  • THAT was my favorite
  • The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells was a great story–looking forward to the novel that I assume is coming


  1. rmridley

    Well – they are not wrong. You could carry on in that world for many more stories. You have the talent, there is no doubting that.

  2. guayja1

    Thanks guys, I’ll definitely get a novel written once I’m through with all these transitions in life. I’m undecided as to which to write though! I could do a werekind chronicles set, but I also have Overtone, Animosity, and The Shard Seeker, which each have a novels worth of plot behind them! How does one decide?

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