The Process of Publishing – words of wisdom from Author Justin Guay

A friend kindly published this guest blog promoting my anthology story and telling the tale of how it came to be.

Dancing With Fireflies | Live Beyond Your Diagnosis

We are so proud of our friend Justin who has a new book out today.  I hope everyone will check out his incredible talents and read his new book.  I really hope some of you will even do a book review for us about his newest masterpiece.

I wanted to share Justin’s big day with you, along with a guest blogging post from him about the process of publishing.


~ Dancing with Fireflies ~

Well friends, today is the big day, the day I officially become a published author.ShadesAndShadows_Cover_full-res

It’s been a long and exciting road. Like so many things in life, success depends a great deal on networking, which is why I started blogging. I noticed that while I had gained a great deal of experience and grown in my writing ability on my favorite writing forum ( there were not a lot of published authors…

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