Airships and Escapes – By Guest Blogger J. Aurel Guay

I had the privilege of being featured on a friends Blog. Go check out my story ‘Airships and Escapes’ and the other great writing on Dancing with Fireflies!

Dancing With Fireflies | Live Beyond Your Diagnosis

                                                           December guest blogger

   Airships and Escapes

       J. Aurel Guay

 Her tall heels clicked on the hardwood as Andy passed from the carpeted aisle of passengers and into the narrow passageway. Just in time, she saw him duck into a storage room on the left side of the hall. She’d had her eye on him since they left the ground. Perhaps not so much on him as on his exquisite pocket watch. Andy fancied herself a collector of fine things, and coveted the delicate gold engraving and sturdy chain of the watch the moment she laid eyes on it.

As she approached the door the slender woman pulled a compact mirror from the small velvet purse on her wrist. Getting the watch should be simple; few men stood up to her wiles. She grinned as she thought of how much easier it would be since her target had but one arm. Cripples…

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