’80 Days’ Contest

While escaping from my ‘day job’ I’ve been plotting out my next submission to Xchyler Publishing’s anthology contest. The prompt is ‘Around the World in 80 Days‘ in the Steampunk genre.  Its been fun researching and reminiscing over my favorite Verne novels.  I think I’ve come up with a really solid plot idea, that incorporates the world traveling theme, and will allow for plenty of nods to the exceptional creations of Jules Verne.

I managed to get almost 700 words of rough draft down over lunch, and I’m looking forward to adding to that over the next weeks.  Here’s a snippet to wet your appetite:

Picking up the tape spooled out by the telegraph and reading the dots and dashes, her hand moved to her cheek and her heart skipped as she read:

Elizabeth. Come to Dr. Dennison’s office ASAP. Regarding Bombay.

Automatons anyone? Happy writing!

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