Shades and Shadows, coming this Halloween

nautiloidThe anthology formerly known as ‘Extreme Makeover: A Paranormal Anthology’ has finally found an official title!  While Extreme Makeover was an excellent writing prompt the anthology authors wanted to see what other titles could work for the collection of creepy tales that finally made it into the anthology.  After much brainstorming and deliberation the decision was finally made.

Lock your doors this Halloween, ‘Shades and Shadows: a Paranormal Anthology’ will be knocking on your door!

My contribution ‘The Death of Dr. Marcus Wells’ just made it through the content editing phase, and has started the first rounds of line editing.  It has been an excellent experience and my editors Terri, Tori, and Penny have done an excellent job of helping me build on my strengths and shore up my weaknesses.

I was surprised to realize how much more nerves I had about sending back revisions than the original submission.  My submission had been read and critiqued by at least half a dozen other writers, but the revisions were on a tighter timeline and went straight from my head, to the page, to the editor.  Yikes!  I did my best to polish the new scenes, but there is always something you missed in the first couple reviews.

With all that is required of me from my day job, and the editing for my currently accepted story, I wasn’t able to get more than a few hundred words together for the next Xchyler Publishing anthology call.  That contest, ‘Back to the Future: a Fantasy Anthology’ will close to submissions on the 31st.  I hope you all got your submissions in!

The next Aanthology call will be on a Steampunk theme.  I’ll definitely be getting something together for that deadline!  In the meantime I’m enjoying the journey to publication of my first story.  I hope that as you enjoy reading ‘Shades and Shadows’ this fall as much as we authors have enjoyed writing it!


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