Dorky Early Book Cover concept :)

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I found this hidden away in a folder while I was looking for something to share with you this morning. Its my a concept for a book cover for my first Novel project ‘Overtone’.  I must have made this in Photoshop ten years ago.  It’s so dorky it  makes me laugh 🙂

I haven’t touched Overtone in at least six years.  I was about half way through it when life interrupted and I had to set it down.  I’m hesitant to start it again because I am a MUCH better writer now than I was then, even the work I’ve done will have to be rewritten.   But the framework is still there, and it’s still good.  I dunno, maybe this will inspire me to pick it up again.

You can also see how my ‘personal logo’ has evolved over the years by comparing the red and purple line images in the…

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