Submitted! Thank you!

ExtremeMakeoverAnthologySo, I submitted my story to Xchyler Publishing’s call for anthology submissions!

Nothing like the last minute. 🙂  Here is a MASSIVE shout out to all my Beta-Readers! I got so much help from so many great new friends that I couldn’t believe it. This  is the best product I’ve produced, THANK YOU:

Mike Kern
F.M Longo (critiqued more than one revision!)
D. James Fortescue

It was an intense three weeks of every lunch break spent writing or editing, but I’m fairly satisfied with the 8K word product. I don’t often write horror, but the scary tale just seemed to flow out of the ideas that came together in my head.  If I had another week or two, there are a couple sections in the story that were summarized which I would flesh out instead. Perhaps the editors will let me do that if they are convinced of my skills by the rest of the story.

The one thing I really wished I had allotted more time for was the synopsis and query letter. I made the mistake of not thoroughly reading the submission instructions until the week before submission, and didn’t realize how much would be required. If I am not selected this go around, I’m going to blame it on those two components more than anything.

Wish me luck, the results should be in June 15th!


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