Call for Beta-Readers!

The next Review in the Mechanized Masterpieces Anthology is coming later today.  But I want to take a moment to thank the authors who have responded so kindly to my reviews and encouraged me in my own writing through theirs.  It’s been a privilege, to network with you and with all of me other followers in the J. Aurel Guay Archive.

The result of that networking and inspiration has been the impulsive decision to submit to Xchyler Publishing’s call for anthology pieces for which the deadline is the end of this month.  That’s just a couple weeks!

I’d love to get some help from any of my followers in the  form of beta-reading.  My story is approaching 5K words now and I expect the final count to be around 6-7K. The first draft should be ready for criticism sometime tomorrow.

I need some volunteers to read my submission and tear it to shreds.  I want this to be good so I need outside eyes to see the flaws.  In return I will gladly do the same for you anytime you ask!  Ask anyone I’ve read for (or just look at  me critiques) and they’ll tell you I’m brutal and make it worth it.

Anyone interested in a dark werewolf-type tale of mystery and horror drop a comment below right away!

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