Mechanized Masterpieces – Review

I got a free copy of Mechanized Masterpieces, in exchange for an honest opinion.

Honestly, its great if you love steampunk! All of the writers in this anthology share a fantastic skill in writing and scene setting, making for an engaging and oftentimes heart pumping read. If you are not a committed steampunk fan, however, you may be less forgiving of the minor plot flaws and contrivings. The degree and style of steampunk varies from story to story, as does the degree to which each is, or is not, based on or related to a great literary work, despite the claims. I will tell you that my favorite is ‘Little Boiler Girl’ and recommend reading this short first.

I’ll be giving a more in-depth review with spoilers in the coming days, followed by critiques on each short story.



    • guayja1

      You are very welcome. I enjoyed the anthology and as an aspiring author myself I’m glad to support others in their journey. Besides, you never know when a favor might turn into a opportunity 😉

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